Voices: Real Change, Civility

Written by Tim Harris, Executive Director Real Change A Pioneer Square business owner angrily compares homeless people in a nearby park to pigeons and demands in a public meeting that they be cleared away immediately. Yakima considers new anti-panhandling legislation, and sheriffs in Snohomish County are ticketing freeway on-ramp beggars for pedestrian interference. While all… Continue reading Voices: Real Change, Civility

Courage to Come Forward

Written by John Midgley, Advocacy Director Columbia Legal Services After many twists and turns, the farm worker rights case Perez-Farias v. Global Horizons resulted in court decisions resoundingly supporting protection for the workers, and ended happily with substantial payments to affected farm workers at a special celebration in Granger. On July 25th, the great Delores… Continue reading Courage to Come Forward

Stepping Up for Formerly Incarcerated Women and Their Children

Written by C├ęsar Torres, Executive Director Northwest Justice Project Our Alliance for Equal Justice exists to overcome the many barriers to justice confronted daily by vulnerable low-income people across Washington State. The age of mass incarceration has resulted in untold numbers of already socially vulnerable persons, disproportionately people of color, also being burdened with the… Continue reading Stepping Up for Formerly Incarcerated Women and Their Children